Silly Humans

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. The Humans have been having computer problems lately and I have yet to figure-out that touch-screen ipad. So they finally got something I could use. It’ spring now and I have been enjoying some time outside and am looking forward to walking this summer. Mom has not been well. She hurt her paw and hasn’t been walking. She wants to get back to it here soon though and I’m excited to get out and about. Recently I have been “ornery” (as they put it) and escaping from the short one, Sebastian. Last week I actually got him to chase me all the way down-town(which actually not hat far beings that we live in a fairly small town). Then he got me as I was sniffing another dog. Well, the humans want on so I better go. Bark at you later.


More from Hank’s Life

The past few days, the humans have been putting me outside for long amounts of time to enjoy the weather. One day (day before yesterday to be spacific), this weird little “puffball” or “Chester” (as they called) it came over thinking it was tuff or something (it was a Pomeranian). When I stood on my doghouse to see it better, it kinda stoped and stared at me as it waited for its owner to catch-up and get it so it didn’t look like it was scared of me. When they left they went to the place where mom (mom is what I call the masters wife) disappears for anywhere from 10 minutes to over 5 hours sometimes (what she does this I do not know) (she probably tells the resident about all the bad things I got caught doing recently).Also, here recentlt I had been sleeping up-stairs but a couple nights ago it stopped for a few nights, I swore I didn’t eat the cats food again and the strangest thing happened, they let me back up that same night (later I found out that it was the fact that the room had gotten to messy and had to be cleaned) (and I am NOT guilty of the rooms condition!!).Well, thats all the big news  with me for right now. Chow!!

I Have Company

This week we have company. I am very excited to see that the human brought a dog, Nyx. Here are a few pictures of my new best friend.


Dear followers,

Did I tell you I like treats? Well I’m telling you I love treats. The other day the wolf  howled. Whenever that happens it means I get a treat! 🙂 These are some pic’s of me and my best friend.


I’m waiting for you to open it because we all know I can’t.

Open it pleeeeease. 😀

Hold still? Your crazy, I’m getting a treat!!

I also thought I should tell you that I haven’t Blogged anything because the 2 legged ones have been occupying the computer. Also, I have been on many walks with the Masters.

Welcome to Hank’s Blog!

“Welcome to Hank’s Blog. I will tell you all about the life of Hank the dog. Today I got some time to take a nap. Master is watching the Green Bay game. The master’s mate is writing Christmas cards. Master’s son is busy on the computer doing, well, I don’t know. I have to go . Chow.”